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Kelebek Textile

          Kelebek Textile was perfectly formed by İsmail Üstün in 1965 and got its ceremonious credentials. In first place bath glove was manufactured in 1958 by Mehmet Üstün, father of İsmail Üstün. Mehmet Üstün who besides silk handkerchief for the first time made bath glove from precious silk fabric has gave over all particulars of making bath glove to his eldest son İsmail Üstün.

          In due course brother Sıtkı Üstün was also joined İsmail Üstün. However, after a certain time they continued to be active in separate firms. It has become that Kelebek Kese began to be manufactured by two different firms. İsmail Üstün has carried on production with Kelebek Textile. He bagan to fabricate Scrub&Peel which is based on the principle of Turkish bath glove but has completely an natural structure and can be fully addresses to both domestic and international market.



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